I have not written t=0 to signify that not everything is known about t=0.

Our current theories and understanding of fundamental forces can't predict or explain the state of the universe for t < 10^(-33) seconds.

At this point, without a theory combining GR and Quantum Mechanics, we can't have a mathematical formulation.

Background :
2018 pass out from Mathematics Department.
Experience: Microsoft 2018–2020.
Applied through college’s senior referral in Oct 2020.

Got my offer at the around 1st week of Dec’2020.
(The whole process took around 1 month)

Interview Process:

Round 1 : System Coding
Round 2 : DS Algo


Abhinav Prakash

Mathematician | Physics Enthusiast | Software Engineer @ Rubrik | Ex-Microsoft | IITK

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