Today, we will talk about 3 equations, one which led to inception of Quantum Mechanics(QM), other gave the foundations of General Relativity and finally, quite aptly, an equation which was the first successful attempt to combine QM and relativity.

The pursuit of the theoretical physicists is to explain different phenomenons…


Assuming we are not cosmology experts here, I have tried to set the minimal context to answer the question titled here. Let’s get started and I promise we will be there soon.

Why should I believe that the universe has an age? …

Mathematics has been a subject which has challenged the greatest minds in human history for ages. Arguably, among the most researched areas in Mathematics is the study of prime numbers.

Our wondering about the prime’s patterns have laid down some of the most difficult problems, unsolved by, even the greatest…

I have not written t=0 to signify that not everything is known about t=0.

Our current theories and understanding of fundamental forces can't predict or explain the state of the universe for t < 10^(-33) seconds.

At this point, without a theory combining GR and Quantum Mechanics, we can't have a mathematical formulation.

Background :
2018 pass out from Mathematics Department.
Experience: Microsoft 2018–2020.
Applied through college’s senior referral in Oct 2020.

Got my offer at the around 1st week of Dec’2020.
(The whole process took around 1 month)

Interview Process:

Round 1 : System Coding
Round 2 : DS Algo


Abhinav Prakash

Mathematician | Physics Enthusiast | Software Engineer @ Rubrik | Ex-Microsoft | IITK

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